Group Age Values Room
18 - early 20’s. 
Starting college and/or
a career and discovering our calling. 
Participation, Transparency,
and Openness

AB 201
Becca Sales
 Young Marrieds Early to Mid 20’s
Newlyweds and young 
couples starting families.  Learning to grow together God’s way.
Openness, Affirmation and

Upper Annex
Logan & Megan George
Married & Growing Late 20’s - 30’s.
Mostly married couples,
with young families.
Affirmation, Availability,
Openness, and Participation
AB 209
Tommy Williamson
40’s & Up Families with busy
schedules, with children
and teens at home, college or young adults.
Participation, Transparency,
and Availability
Upper Annex Rob Henderson
50’s & up.
Busy teens in the house, leaving the house, and out of the house.
Availability, Prayer,
Openness, and Participation
Lower Annex 1 Harry Weidhaas, Chuck Anderson, Andy Rogers, David Smith
Mid 50’s & up
Established careers, 
parents are aging and
needing increased care.
Honesty, Safety, and In depth
Bible Study
Lower Annex 2
Robert Mundy
49 & Holding 55 and up.
Planning for retirement,
college and adult 
Affirmation, Prayer, In depth
Bible Study, Sensitivity
Lower Annex 4 Lonnie Osborn
60’s & up Varying marital and
professional status, open and candid  discussion guided, yet not limited, by study topic.
In depth Bible Study,
Participation, and Honesty

AB 107 Bob Biermann
Late 60’s & up Retired or nearing
retirement, travel, grand
parenting is a big role,
aging parents.
Affirmation, Prayer, In depth Bible
Study, Availability, and Participation
AB 105 Howard Schutt
Toppers Class 70 and up.
Retired, health concerns, enjoying group activities together.
Affirmation, Prayer, Honesty, In depth Bible Study,
Sensitivity, and Participation
WC 103 Bob Bryant
Ladies For all women -
Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed.
Affirmation, Prayer, In depth
Bible Study, and Participation
AB 108
JaNae Mundy
Ladies 30’s to 50’s.
Most are married, but 
husbands do not attend.
Openness, Affirmation, Prayer,
In depth Bible Study, and

Kathy Moore


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