How do I Join South Oaks Baptist Church

We believe the church is a community of people who have
trusted JESUS CHRIST as their personal LORD and
SAVIOR and have been baptized as believers by immersion
as a public testimony of their decision to follow CHRIST.  

Therefore, a person may be received as a candidate for
membership to South Oaks Baptist Church in any one
of the following ways:
1.  By profession of faith and baptism.
2.  By letter from another Baptist church.
3.  By statement.
For additional information on candidate membership,
please click here.

There are 2 avenues when you may submit yourself as a
candidate to join South Oaks Baptist Church.  They are:
  • During the "invitation" or "time of response".
  • During our membership class, South Oaks 101.
For additional information on the avenues to join our church,
please click here.



t. 817.478.8284
f. 817.478.3408