Avenues to Join

At the end of each worship service, there is an opportunity for you to respond publicly to GOD's work in your life.  A song will be sung and members of the staff will be standing at the front of the santuary.  The pastor will ask if anyone wishes to come forward.  You may come forward at this time and share your response or request with the pastor.  A deacon will then pray privately with you about your response or request. You will not be asked to speak publicly nor embarrassed in any way.  You will be loved, cared for, and encouraged. Coming forward during this time is the primary way most people join our church.  If you are uncomfortable coming forward during this time, please use the tear off portion of the bulletin to indicate your response.  Someone will contact you to answer questions you may have and to pray with you.
Another way to join our church and obtain answers to your questions is to attend our membership class, Discover South Oaks. This class explains membership as well as other matters related to our church.  At the end of the class, you will be given the opportunity to join our church in a small group setting.  For information about the dates of this class, please contact the church office at office@southoaks.org


t. 817.478.8284
f. 817.478.3408